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Warming Up (2009)

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Purchase Aaron's newest CD of original music, "Warming Up" featuring the inspiring artwork of wine artist Thomas Arvid on the CD cover.  "Warming Up" is inspired by Aaron's love for wine and the way wine brings people together to share friendships and create memories.  This CD includes 6 original songs and Aaron's and guitarist/producer Tim Ellis' arrangements of Django Reinhardt, Beatles, and Led Zeppelin songs.

Performances and collaborations with local musicians throughout Southeast Asia, Europe and the South Pacific have been the main inspiration behind Aaron Meyer's original music that combines world, orchestral progressive rock, and classical styles. "Warming Up" is inspired by Aaron's love for wine and compliments the numerous wine festivals and events at which Aaron and guitarist/producer Tim Ellis regularly perform. 

Aaron believes the best part about wine is sharing and creating memories with friends. Aaron and Tim would like to thank wine artist Thomas Arvid for his inspiring artwork featured on the CD cover,  and Ronni Lacroute at WillaKenzie Estate for inviting us to record two classical pieces at their winery in beautiful Oregon wine country, only thirty minutes from Aaron and wife Renee's home in Portland.

Aaron Meyer - violin, viola
Tim Ellis - acoustic, alto, & hi string guitars, cavaquinho
Jamin Swenson - bass
Jean-Pierre Garau - piano
Carl Smith - percussion
Mike Braun - drums
Mike Snyder - orchestral percussion
Benjy Wertheimer - tabla, esraj
Jim Walker - vocals, guitar, bass
Nancy Ives - cello

Produced by: Tim Ellis & Aaron Meyer
Recorded/Mixed by: Dean Baskerville at Kung Fu Bakery Recording - Portland, Oregon
Mastered by: Bob Stark at Kung Fu Bakery Recording - Portland, Oregon
Graphic Design:

Cover Art by Thomas Arvid, "Something Worth Celebrating"
Disc Art by Thomas Arvid "Room To Breathe"

"Something Worth Celebrating," "Ultimate Destination," and "Room to Breathe"  Copyright 2005 - 2008 Thomas Arvid. All Rights Reserved.

1."Warming Up" - Meyer/Ellis
2."Santiago" - Meyer/Ellis
3."Laylina" (Caravan Nights) - Meyer/Ellis
4."Presto" from G Minor Sonata - J.S. Bach
5."Andante" from A Minor Sonata - J.S. Bach
6."I'm A Man You Don't Meet Everyday" (beginning) - Traditional Irish Drinking Song
7."I'm A Man You Don't Meet Everyday" (end)
8."Daphne" - Reinhardt/Grappelli
9."Minor Swing" - Reinhardt/Grappelli
10."Let It Be" - Lennon/McCartney
11."Norwegian Wood" - Lennon/McCartney
12."Bron-Yr-Aur" - Led Zeppelin
13."Miscela Perfetta" (The Perfect Blend) "Renee's Song" - Meyer/Ellis
14.Aging Gracefully - Meyer/Ellis
15."Salud" (Health) - Meyer/Ellis

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